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Wellspring Zen Sangha

Wellspring Zen is a group of beginning and longtime meditators that meets
weekly to explore and practice meditation together.

Zen meditation is not a set of beliefs but a practice of bringing awareness to our life. The practice of mediation becomes then a path of discovering who we are and deepening our connection to life.

Through regular meditation practice one learns to be with the ups and downs of life in a more spacious and compassionate way. Zen practice changes how we relate to our selves, to problems, to daily activities and to life itself. It changes where and how we look for satisfaction and happiness.

What is discovered is that we are enough just as we are and that each moment is enough just as it is. Our usual belief that peace and happiness are not here is seen through and we learn to stop postponing living. We learn to be present, awake to life.

By opening to the fullness of our selves and each moment, our underlying compassion, joy and freedom are revealed and we realize who we really are.

The Wellspring Zen Group is part of Boundless Way Zen and is affiliated with: