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Within the Zen universe, Wellspring is considered very informal. But those who are not used to Zen groups may find it very structured. If you’ve not sat with a Zen group before you are encouraged to attend a brief introductory meeting which starts at 7:10 pm. If you arrive later, you are still welcome, but to receive instruction you’ll have to return the next Monday. Once the meeting begins there are no opportunities for questions.

Every meeting begins at seven thirty with a brief Buddhist liturgy (chanting), followed by a twenty-five minute sitting period, then a short (five to seven minute) period of kinhin, walking meditation and another sitting period. The second sitting period is occasionally replaced by a Dharma talk given by a senior member of the Boundless Way Zen community and at least once a month there is an opportunity for dokusan with a teacher. Dokusan is a private meeting with a teacher focused on practice and your spiritual path. There are usually three to four periods of sitting meditation on these Mondays. People feel free to leave during any kinhin period. Once or twice a month following the liturgy and the two sitting period’s tea and cookies are served and the group has the opportunity to socialize.

Wellspring meets at the Universalist Church of West Hartford on Monday nights at 7:30.  Dark clothing without patterns is the height of Zen fashion, but not required. People are asked to refrain from wearing perfumes or other strong scents. (Incense is burned.) Meditation pillows (zafus and zabutons) are provided and sitting in a chair is always an option.

The Boundless Way Zen network also offers residential meditation retreats of three to seven days length several times a year.


Wellspring Zen Group
Universalist Church of West Hartford
433 Fern Street
West Hartford,  Connecticut   06107

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